Be active instruments of development – VC tells Senior Members in the Registrar's Department

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Education, Winneba, Professor Mawutor Avoke has called on all Senior Members in the Offices of the Registrar to be active instruments in the development of the University System. He said “Administrators are not mere passive instrument in the development of the University System but hold the key to building a strong University System in this 21st century”. He made this statement when he was delivering the keynote address at the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Registrar’s Annual Review Meeting held at Elmina Beach Resort in Elmina from 4th to 7th January, 2017.

The event which brought together 90 Senior Members from the four campuses of the University was held under the theme: Responsive and Accountable Administrative System in Public University Governance: The Role of Registrars, and discussed issues relating to University governance, expectations of the Registrar’s offices, emotional intelligence, coaching and developing managers, managing change in higher education, consequences of action and inaction of administrators, communication in University administration and responsive leadership & delegation. Professor Mawutor Avoke further said University administrators need to be conscious of various changes occurring in the University system as a result of globalization. In his words “it was needful to remind ourselves over time that higher educational institutions globally are becoming more complex in nature and structure and its complexities require equally responsive and accountable administrative systems that forestall challenges”.

He stressed on the fact that public universities have become concerned about ensuring quality education and that requires a robust administrative system. He urged participants to be creative in finding solutions to the challenges that confront the higher education sector in modern times. Professor Avoke said the office of the Registrar is central in the administrative set up of the University and Senior Members in the office are expected to assist in playing that role effectively. Enumerating the role of the Registrar, he said the Registrar is the Chief Administrative Officer and the Chief Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor. He also indicated that the Registrar is responsible for the supervision and management of all administrative and operational functions of the University. He said the Registrar is the secretary to the University Council and also to the various committees and boards in the University. Professor Avoke said it was important for the Registrar’s team to build their capacities on jobs assigned so that they can deliver well. In achieving this, he said it was imperative for Senior Members in the offices of the Registrar to be members of professional associations that offer trainings on their schedules to develop the needed competences and skills required for their work.

He said the institution is committed to building the capacities of all staff and urged all to access the staff development fund. The Registrar, Dr. C.Y. Akwaa-Mensah, said the review meeting offered an opportunity to reflect on the work of Senior Members in his office and come out with ways of improving the work performances in the University. He said organising of such retreats reinforce commitment toward achieving the institutional mandate and strategic plan. The Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, Associate Professor Jonathan Ammah who chaired the ceremony, commended the organizers of the event for the organization of the programme taken into consideration the various topics which was discussed at the retreat. He said it was important for such a workshop to be held periodically for Senior Administrators in the Registrar’s Offices to consider ways of improving their performances on their schedules.