Inclusive education: Readings and reflections.

By Thomas, Gary


Series editors' preface

PART I: The context - rights, participation, social justice

1 Thomas Paine: The rights of man
2 R.H. Tawney: Equality
3 John Rawls: A theory of justice
4 Martin Luther King – 'I have a dream'
5 Caroline Roaf and Hazel Bines: Needs, rights and opportunities
6 Sharon Rustemier: Social justice
7 David Hevey – Images of difference 

PART II: Arguments and evidence against segregation -1960s to today

8 Erving Goffman: Asylums
9 L.M.Dunn: Special Education - Is Much of it Justifiable?
10 F.Christoplos & P.Renz: A critical examination of special education programs
11 R.A.Weatherley & M.Lipsky: Street level bureaucrats
12 Gerv Leyden: Psychologists and segregation
13 Will Swann: Psychology and special education
14 Tony Booth: Integration and participation in comprehensive schools
15 Sally Tomlinson: A Sociology of special education
16 Seamus Hegarty et al: Educating Pupils with Special Needs in the Ordinary School
17 ILEA: Educational Opportunities for All? (Fish Report)
18 Doug Biklen: Achieving the Complete School
19 Tony Dessent: Making the Ordinary School Special
20 L.Anderson & L.Pellicer: Synthesis of Research on Compensatory and Remedial Education
21 John O’Brien & Marsha Forest: Action for Inclusion
22 Sam Carson: Normalisation and portrayal of disabled people
23 Seamus Hegarty: Reviewing the literature on integration
24 Tom Hehir: Changing the Way We Think About Kids with Disabilities
25 Gary Thomas and Andrew Loxley: Medical models and metaphors
26 CSIE: Reasons against segregated schooling 
27 Mike Oliver: Does Special Education Have a Role in the Twenty-First Century?

PART III: Legislation, reports, statements

28 Public Law 94-142
29 Warnock Report
30 Education Acts 1944-2001
31 European Convention on Human Rights
32 UNESCO: The Salamanca Statement
33 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
34 UNESCO: Inclusive Education on the Agenda
35 DfEE:Green Paper
36 IPPR: Alternative White Paper
37 British Psychological Society: Inclusive education -Position Paper
38 CSIE: The Inclusion Charter
39 Alison Wertheimer: Inclusive education - a framework for change

PART IV: Inclusion in action

40 Linda Shaw and Marsha Forest: Ontario: from integration to inclusion
41 Mark Vaughan and Ann Shearer: Mainstreaming in Massachusetts
42 Richard Rieser and Micheline Mason: Disability equality in the classroom
43 Mark Vaughan: Kirsty Arrondelle - Early integration
44 Kenn Jupp: Everyone Belongs
45 Bishopswood School: Good practice transferred
46 Rick Rogers: Developing an inclusive policy for your school
47 Linda Jordan and Chris Goodey: Human Rights and School Change: The Newham story
48 Dorothy Lipsky: Inclusion across America
49 Gary Thomas et al: The Making of the Inclusive School
50 Sam Harris: A seven year sentence
51 Tony Booth and Mel Ainscow: Index for Inclusion



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