The Atlantic slave trade: a census

By Curtin, Philip D.

Curtin combines modern research and statistical methods with his broad knowledge of the field to present the first book-length quantitative analysis of the Atlantic slave trade.  Its basic evidence suggests revision of currently held opinions concerning the place of the slave trade in the economies of the Old World nations and their American colonies.

Table of Contents


List of Illustrationspage vii

List of Tablespage ix

Preface page xv

1: The Slave Trade and the Numbers Game: A Review of the Literature page 3

2: Distribution in Space: The Hispanic Trade page 15

3: Distribution in Space: The Colonies of the North Europeans page 51

4: Distribution Through Time: The Fifteenth, Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries page 95

5: The English Slave Trade of the Eighteenth Century page 127

6: The French Slave Trade of the Eighteenth Century page 163

7: Main Currents of the Eighteenth Century Slave Trade page 205

8: The Slave Trade of the Nineteenth Century page 231

9: Major Trends page 265

10: A Postscript on Mortality page 275

Appendix: Koelle's Linguistic Inventory page 289

Bibliography page 299

Index page 312


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