The Department of Economics Education used to be a unit in the Department of Social Science Education (now defunct) within the Faculty of Social Science Education until the Department of Social Science Education was split in the 2013/2014 academic year. The Department of Economics Education has outstanding credentials and is dedicated to student learning and research. The Department therefore provides students with preparation in economic concepts and techniques. The department is located at the Faculty Block, North Campus.


The Department of Economics Education aspires to become a department of excellence that prepares students who demonstrate a high sense of integrity, maintain high professional standards and dedication to work in education and other sectors of the economy.


To provide students with innovative curricula that promote critical thinking skills regarding the economic issues they are confronted with in their daily lives, and enhance their ability to be actively engaged in discussions of policy issues in local, national, and global communities. Our Department will also project the image of the University through the engagement in teaching, research and community services in Ghana, Africa and beyond.

Aims and Objectives

  1. Provide relevant courses in economics to students
  2. Equip students with pedagogical skills to teach economics in pre-tertiary and higher level institution
  3. Acquaint students with theories underpinning economic behavior in society

Expose students to the methods of economics research in order to develop their analytical skills in modelling and resolving economic problems