Division of Human Resources


Welcome to the Division of Human Resource at University of Education, Winneba. Whether you are a job applicant, new or existing employee, you will find helpful information at this web site. Our goal is to provide you with accurate, timely, and valuable information, services, and resources to help you in your jobs at UEW. Please select the category that best suits your interest to find information relating to employment, benefits, compensation, employee development & training, and a wide range of other services.

Vision of Division of Human Resource

To be the nerve centre that recruits, maintains and sustains high level calibre of employees ready to offer services to make UEW an excellent teacher education institution with international recognition.


The Division of Human Resource provides services to the University in recruiting, placement, training, administration of compensation and benefits. The Division assists other departments in meeting their staffing goals, managing job performance, and interpreting policy. The Division also supports employees and their supervisors in reaching understanding and reconciling differences to promote effective working relationships.

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Questions on policies and procedures

Employees and supervisors are encouraged to call on a member of the Division of Human Resources staff at any time for help in any area of policy or procedure. Any question can be addressed to any member of the Division, who will answer it or direct it to the appropriate authority in the Division.

Working relationships

Occasionally, a member of the University staff and his or her supervisor may have difficulty working with each other or maintaining an effective working relationship. Support for employee relations is available to assure treatment consistent with the policies in this handbook, and employees should seek help to mediate difficult discussions. Those in supervisory positions also frequently call on the Human Resources division to act as a neutral third party in order to facilitate communication and restore productive working relationships.

Employment procedures

The Division of Human Resources and the Head of Department seeking to fill a job vacancy

work jointly on recruiting staff and in using the services of the human resource offices in finding, screening, and selecting candidates.

HR Secretariat

Contact: 020 204 1138

Department of Senior Members

This Department oversees the recruitment, selection and placement of faculty, senior administrative and professional staff.

It liaises with academic and administrative departments also in the processing of application for promotion, sabbatical and other leave matters.

Contact           :           050 1321 531

Department of Junior and Senior Staff

This Department handles recruitment, selection and placement of Junior and Senior Staff.

It also handles promotion, leave and other pertinent personnel issues.

Contact :        020 204 1146

Department of Employee Relations

It serves as the first point of contact for employees, supervisors, or managers who have questions or want assistance related to conflict in the workplace, policy interpretation, referrals, grievance administration and consultation on a wide range of matters related to work. It primary focus encompasses policy and collective bargaining agreement interpretation and application and conflict resolutions. The Department deals with a variety of issues surrounding the work environment of employees. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing independent counselling to employees and/or supervisors to resolve work-related problems that may relate to performance and/or discipline based issues,
  • Mediating disputes and advising all sides involved on matters relating to employee relations and human resources policies,

It is also the responsibility of the Employee Relations Department to promote positive and productive relationships between the University and its staff and to help individuals learn to work together to solve problems and improve the quality of the work environment.

Department of Staff Training and Development

It is the responsibility of the Division of Human Resource(s) to provide training and development opportunities that increase personal and professional skills, support the University's mission and goals, assist departments with specific training needs, and promote life- long learning for all faculty and staff.  It also prepares faculty and staff for new responsibilities by participating in a variety of developmental programmes.

Department of HRIS

The Department is responsible for maintaining a centralised recruitment and records system for faculty and staff and developing and maintaining personnel records management system. Regularly update personal records of staff (dependants, academic qualification, marital status etc.)