Towards a 21st Century African Traditional Musical Drama: Anansegorndwom

•Traditional Music making in the African Continent and the emergence of art music compositions
•Domination of choral and instrumental Art Music compositions
•Predominant compositions of choral art music and instrumental forms as against the creation of other musical arts in the 21st century
•Few intercultural musical dramas in existence
•Unexplored traditional stories for musical dramas in various forms

Non existence of African musical drama compositional models

1.Develop a conceptual model for creating African   

      traditional musical drama

2. Examine selected musical elements and indigenous  

     resources as tools for a creative product

3. Create a drama piece from indigenous folktales

4. Compose a traditional nonlinear musical dramatic work

     using the conceptual model

5. Analyze the novelty created within the context of African identity

Type of Work: