August 2016


Our approach to history has been conceptualized to be more analytic and more thematic.  We realize that very few (if any) employers want someone who can recite the factors that led to a particular historical event.  Rather, employers in schools and elsewhere are looking for someone who can:


The Department of Economics Education used to be a unit in the Department of Social Science Education (now defunct) within the Faculty of Social Science Education until the Department of Social Science Education was split in the 2013/2014 academic year. The Department of Economics Education has outstanding credentials and is dedicated to student learning and research. The Department therefore provides students with preparation in economic concepts and techniques. The department is located at the Faculty Block, North Campus.

Home Economics Education

Name of Department: Department of Home Economics Education.

Date of Establishment: The department of Home Economics Education was part of the Specialist Training College, Winneba. It was integrated into the University College of Education, Winneba in 1992.