Tune in to “Nuggets for Life” on 98.3Fm

With the recent spate of suicides in tertiary institutions it is crucial that students and staff alive are equipped with the needed tools to deal with hurts, disappointments, frustrations and disillusionment.  These negative perceptions and feelings can lead to depression with its inevitable suicidal tendencies.  So don’t fall victim to these tendencies!!  You can’t give up!!  So Tune in to “Nuggets for Life”.  This and every Thursday from 5pm to 6:30pm on Radio Windybay - 98.3Fm, for educational and insightful presentations and discussions that will equip you with the needed coping mechanisms to navigate through life’s vicissitudes as they occur. 

You can now send your questions contributions, comments as well as seek clarifications on phone number: 0241813953 before, during or after the programme.

Additionally, you can send any queries or make appointment using the whatsapp text, facebook same number.


Thank you.