There is No Tension Brewing at UEW

The attention of the Chairman of the University of Education, Winneba Council has been drawn to a story captioned “TENSION SIMMERS AT UEW AS GOVERNING COUNCIL CHAIRMAN DIRECTS REGISTRAR TO PROCEED ON LEAVE” posted on MyjoyOnline by one Richard Kwadwo Nyarko on 22nd May, 2022.

It is very instructive to note that the whole story is wicked and palpable lies, with no iota of truth or resemblance of same and it is being peddled by Richard Kwadwo Nyarko, who unfortunately, is a Student of the University, but has made it his duty to do the bidding of the Registrar and his cohorts who have never accepted the Orders of the High Court, Winneba to reinstate Professor Avoke and 5 others by constantly posting falsehood about the Council Chairman who has since his assumption of office brought confidence to the then deflated and intimidated majority in the University by a few fascists and hatchet men.

His interaction with all shades of the University community to brief them on every development in the University and his application of provisions of the University of Education, Winneba Act 2004, Act 672 and the University’s Statutes 2020 as well as other appropriate laws to streamline things at the University are what the beneficiaries of the old order including the Registrar are kicking against by trying to divert attention with absolute lies and playing victims.

On the above subject-matter, I want to place on record that the Council Chairman HAS NOT written to; or directed the Registrar, Paul Osei- Barima to proceed on his 5 year accumulated leave. The Chairman has also NOT appointed anybody as an acting Registrar, whilst the

Registrar, Mr. Paul Osei-Barima proceeds to enjoy his 5 years accumulated leave.

Mr. Richard Kwadwo Nyarko and Mr. Osei-Barima who are championing these falsehoods are hereby challenged to produce the so-called letters written and signed by the Chairman.

I wish to place on record that the directive to the Registrar to take his 5 years’ accumulated leave was administrative and it was from his Boss, the Vice-Chancellor who is the Academic Head, the Administrative Head and the Chief Disciplinarian at the University. It is only he who can also appoint a person into an acting position and he has simply done that within the ambit of the University Statutes and the UEW Act.

Under the provisions of Labour Act, 2003, Act 651, it is mandatory for every worker in Ghana to take his Annual leave (vacation); the Act further states that, any agreement to relinquish the entitlement to annual leave or to forgo such leave is void.

The University as a law abiding Institution is simply applying the provision of the Labour Act, 2003 Act 651 starting with the drawing of a roster for the 5 Principal Officers of the University then to be followed by all other Staff.

The Registrar, as a Lawyer should have championed the obedience of the Labour Laws of Ghana instead of resisting it by trying to play victim.

The question is, of the 5 Principal Officers of the University who are to go on leave per the roster, why is it that it is only the Registrar, Paul Osei-Barima who, per the records available at the University, has not taken his leave since 2017 is resisting and rebelling? What is he afraid of? Is he hiding something that he fears would be exposed once he takes his leave? The question is “why has he not taken his leave for 5 years but has been asking others to go on leave?

I emphatically place it on record that the UEW Council Chairman, Nana Ofori Ansah I, HAS NOT written to Mr. Paul Osei-Barima to proceed on leave or appointed anybody to act in the absence of Paul Osei-Barima.

The General Public is therefore advised to ignore the falsehood being perpetrated by Richard Kwadwo Nyarko, MyjoyOnline and Mr. Paul Osei-Barima.

The General Public should also take notice that there is no tension between the Council Chairman and the Registrar, Mr. Paul Osei-Barima who is just behaving like an over-pampered spoilt child making ugly noises over a burst balloon.

Meanwhile, I have been directed by the Chairman to refer the matter to his Lawyers for further action on same and against the fabricators and the publishers of the falsehood.


Eunice Asiedu Amoyaw (Mrs)
Personal Assistant to UEW Council Chairman