Quality Speaks - Issue 28

In this issue of our Newsletter we wish our regular students happy long vacation while we welcome our sandwich students back to the lecture rooms once more. For our students who have completed their programmes we wish them great success in the National Service or success in their search for jobs, if they do not belong to the group that will be on National Service. Four years of quality education from the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) certainly has imbued you all with most of our core values, which we are confi dent, will enable you to perform effectively in any place you fi nd yourselves. The University of Education, Winneba (UEW) in this long vacation session of the Sandwich programme has aligned its re-opening period with the vacation period of the Ghana Education Service.

It is hoped that this new arrangement will enable our esteemed clients, who are also teachers of our wards, the opportunity to come to learn without worrying about the classrooms being empty of teachers. This is an innovation which is an alternative to our previous arrangements. As an institution, UEW is working tirelessly to satisfy its customers while ensuring quality delivery of its services. Traditionally, the Sandwich session has always been characterised by short periods but with double input of academic delivery to enable us achieve cost effectiveness of our services. The current arrangement is not going to be any different but we expect to put in more working days, more assignments and tutorials and several innovative approaches to teaching to enable us deliver on our mandate. Our systems are being overhauled to forestall any hitches during the registration of students and smooth take-off of the session. We, in the Directorate, thus, encourage our IT technicians and engineering to maintain the momentum they have began with in preparing for hitch-free Sandwich session. It is our expectation that our students will report punctually and stay on campus for the duration of the programme by reducing the number of travels outside campus. We do appreciate the fact that majority of our clientele are parents. Our advice, therefore, is that each one would put in place measures that will ensure minimal disruption of academic work while away from home. Our libraries will remain open with the new extended opening hours. These arrangements have been made to ensure academic excellence which we continue to support research and capacity building of our clientele. The University of Education, Winneba is committed to providing quality teacher education that is unparalled in the West Africa sub-region.

Our Online appraisal of course by students and appraisal of students by lecturers have trialled during the second semester of the 2016/2017 academic year. We have to overcome the initial problem of setting up an independent Server and then integrating it into the main UEW Server system. It has not been an easy task accomplishing. The online appraisal system was opened for students and lecturers to complete their appraisal about two week to the commencement of examinations. A number of reminders were sent to lecturers to encourage their students to appraise their courses for the semester. Just as in any new enterprise or change the Directorate took cognisance of the fact there may be an inertia that may hold students hooked to the hard copy completion process and also excuses might come that the internet is not stable. The Directorate, thus, administered hard copy alongside the online completion of the appraisal forms.

The responses to the completion of the online appraisal forms did not receive as much patronage as compared to completing hard copy appraisal forms. The Directorate intends to intensify education on the online appraisal early this time and consistently get lecturers involved in educating students about the advantages of the online appraisal procedures. At the moment the online appraisal procedures are only being applied on the Winneba campus only. It is our intention to extend this procedure to all our campuses. We will soon start engaging all the Quality Assurance Units on all the campuses in preliminary education towards the implementation process. From the fi rst semester of the 2017/2018 academic year the Director will pay working visits to all Quality Assurance Units of the University to engage Unit heads in discussions Areas for Improvement The following were identifi ed as areas that should work on:

  1. Most students generally do not like reading outside the notes given to them by lecturers for additional knowledge.
  2. Some students reported late after going on holidays.
  3. Some students usually arrived late for lectures and were not regular for lectures.
  4. Some students found it diffi cult to apply what has been taught.
  5. Some of the students did not have laptops which made it diffi cult to work when the need arose.
  6. A number of students were lazy.
  7. Most students did not have good communication skills.

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