Procedure for Change of Name

Management has noticed with concern the increasing request from staff for change of name without the necessary supporting documents.

We therefore wish to inform the University Community that change of official name in the records of the University cannot be done without proper procedure.

Staff are hereby informed that if anyone wishes to change his or her name, the person is advised to gazette the intended change of the official name as known to the University.

For the avoidance of doubt, by law, proposed change of name can only be accepted by the University upon due publication of same in the official gazette.

We also wish to draw attention that deposing to a statutory declaration, stating the grounds for the said move, is only self-serving and so that alone, cannot be the legal basis for recognition and attendant amendment of one’s records with the University.

Anyone who wishes to change his or her name and fails or refuses to comply with the above directive, should know that the University shall not recognize the purported or intended name-change, let alone, amend its records.

The above is communicated for the information of all staff members.

Signed: Surv. Paul Osei-Barima, Esq