IPOP Programme for 2016-2017 - Office of Dean of Student Affairs

The ODSA has reviewed its Intensive Pre-academic Orientation Programme (IPOP) for the 2016-2017 academic year in collaboration with the University Library as follows:

  1. A „Day‟ has been created for Deans, designated “Meet Your Faculty” where Deans (together with their HoDs) are to welcome fresh undergraduate and postgraduate students and introduce their Faculty (Teaching and Non-teaching staff including Liaison Librarians) and also outline the Faculty‟s general policies. The date for this event is Tuesday, 23rd August, 2016.
  2.  The two major activities of IPOP (i. seated presentations & ii. mobile library tours) will alternate. Three groups have been identified, viz., undergraduate, postgraduate and international students.
  3.  As a result, two gargantuan undergraduate groups have been created to facilitate the concurrent running of the seated presentations and the mobile library tours. GROUP I = FES, FSE & FFLLCS; GROUP II = FSSE & SCA.
  4. Groups III and IV are postgraduate and international students respectively.
  5. For the reasons above, two slots for the orientation have again been created from the two-week period assigned to orientation on the UEW Calendar; viz.
    1. Wednesday, 24th – Friday, 26th August, 2016 and
    2. Monday 29th – Wednesday, 31st August, 2016.

Please, find attached the IPOP Schedule for 2016-2017.

We hope all fresh students would take note of the arrangements and endeavour to attend.

Prof. C.W.K. Mereku
Dean, Student Affairs
16th August, 2016

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