Each year the Department of History Education, University of Education, Winneba, sets aside a day in commemorating the independence celebration of Ghana, by way of the Ghana National History Day (GNHD) celebration. As Ghanaians remember their independence, the National History Day event is a call to all that our History is very important and should not be disregarded or forgotten. It is only in remembering the past that we can move ahead as a nation. The motive behind the creation of GNHD is to instill and inculcate the love for history learning and researching by encouraging thousands of students, teachers and other history enthusiasts to participate in a history contest. The premise is built on the idea that history making is something active, relevant and universally appealing.  Despite the name “Ghana National History Day”, the project is an all-year-round one which begins with workshops to train and prepare participants for the final contest.

Thus, GNHD is an opportunity for all to learn about and do history by exploring, examining and sharing one’s history. There is a real need to document most of the histories of Ghana, which unfortunately have not been written down. GHND caters to this need.  It provides the platform for people to record the histories of communities, individuals and historical events and sharing it with the rest of the world. The theme for this year’s GNHD celebration is ‘Taking a Stand in History’. Participants must select a topic of interest that is related to the theme and research on the topic; develop a research question and a thesis statement. Participants have the option of presenting their research findings in exhibits, original papers, performances, historical documentary and historical website formats. These products are entered into competitions where they are evaluated by professional historians and educators and consequently presented and awarded on the history day occasion that climaxes the GNHD celebration.

The following are the activities of the Association of History Students(ASHIS) from Monday February 27 to March 3,2017

On Moday,there will be an awareness creation on campus to sensitize students about GNHD celebration.There will also be a radio programme on Radio Windy Bay on the same day to create public awareness.

On Tuesday,there will be an outreach programme to some selected Senior HighSchools to promote the study of history and to discuss what the GNHD entails.

On Wednesdy, ASHIS will organize games for ASHIS members(both males and femals at all levels) at 8:30am.These games include Ludu,Oware,Draft,Cards etcetera.All and sundry are cordially invited

On Thursday, an inter-university debate competition between history students from other tertiary institutions will take place at the Faculty Block at 9:00am(GMT).The schools include UEW,University of Ghana,University of Cape Coast,University of Development Studies,and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

Friday marks the final GNHD celebration which starts at 9:00am(GMT),this will involve ASHIS clubs from the Senior High Schools and history students from other tertiary institutions.