Cultural Week Celebration of the Faculty of Ghanaian Languages Education, Ajumako

The 2020 edition of the Cultural Week Celebration of the Faculty of Ghanaian Languages Education comes off as follows: 

Date: 17 - 21, February 2020 

Theme: Language and culture: Prospects and challenges in the current technological world

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Christiana Hammond (Dean, Faculty of Foreign Languages Education, Media and Communication, Winneba) 

Chairman: Prof. Charles Owu-Ewie (Dean, Faculty of Ghanaian Languages Education, Ajumako)


The 2020 Edition of the Cultural Week celebration of the Faculty of Ghanaian Languages Education, aims at re-echoing the need to recognize and cherish the values, norms and beliefs of our society through the use of the Ghanaian languages.  Language and culture are inseparable. Understanding the cultural specific with linguistic principles of a particular language is effective for language learning and development. In this technological age, there is the need to preserve the language and culture of any speech community to avert the issue of language endangerment and extinction.


Outline of the Week-long Activities

Monday, February 17, 2020:

  • Clean-up exercise at the Government Hospital, Ajumako, 6.a.m.
  • Blood donation exercise by students at the Government Hospital, 7a.m- 8 a.m.
  • Students walk through the principal streets of Ajumako, 2.p.m.
  • Wearing of traditional attire throughout the week by staff and students.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020:

  • Inter-Departmental debate on the following topics:
  1.  “The study of Ghanaian Languages and culture is a waste of students’ talent and resources.”
  2. “Mother Language Day celebration has outlived its usefulness.” Time: 12. 30 p.m.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020:

  • Interaction on Radio Windy Bay in the morning 8.a.m.
  • Exposition on the theme for the Cultural Week Celebration at 10.a.m. Venue: Assembly Hall, Ajumako.
  • Food Fair (Showcasing traditional dishes amidst traditional games) Time: 12.30p.m.

Thursday, 20th February, 2020:

  • An interaction on GTV Morning Show, 6a.m.
  • A quiz competition on language and culture for five Basic schools in Ajumako: GESDI ‘A’ JHS, GESDI ‘B’ JHS, R/C JHS, Methodist JHS and one Private school,  Heritage Academy. Time: 9.a.m.
  • Inter-departmental football matches competition. Time: 12. noon

Friday, 21st February, 2020:

  • A durbar at the Ceremonial Grounds, Ajumako Campus to mark the 2020 Edition of the International Mother Language Day celebration at 9.a.m. prompt.


Rendition of “Thank You” in the 13 Mother Languages of the Faculty of Ghanaian Languages Education, Ajumako:

1. Nyὲ tsumi kaa/nyὲ pee nɔ      -        Dangme

2. Nyὲyiwaladɔղղ                    -        Ga

3. Akpe na mi katã                   -        Ewe

4. Meda wo ase                       -        Asante Twi

5. Meda wo ase                       -        Akwapem Twi

6. Medase                               -        Fante

7. Me da wo ase                      -        Nzema

8. N Paɣiya pam                      -        Dagbani

9. N pulus1 ya zo’e zo’e           -        Gurene

10. Asan Kushu`                      -        Gonja

11.A ke a le lanyerene              -        Kasem

12. M pu’usi ya pamm             -        Kusaal

13. Bareka yaga zaa                 -        Dagaare

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