Payment of Full Fees

End of Semester Examinations are scheduled to take place from 9th - 22nd December, 2019. Management has taken note that a number of fresh and continuing students are owing fees. We wish to inform all students that entry in Examination Halls will be subject to payment of FULL FEES.

For all Continuing students, seventy percent (70%) of fees should be paid before they are allowed into examination halls.

All students are reminded to ensure that they have settled all outstanding school fees before the End of Semester Examinations commence.



Members of staff may recall that the Pro-Vice-Chancellor’s election which was scheduled for Friday, 14th June, 2019 had to be postponed indefinitely due to a court injunction.

Following the Court’s ruling today, 18th November, 2019, dismissing the application as unmeritorious, Management of UEW hereby wishes to inform the University Community of new arrangements for the Pro-Vice-Chancellor’s election.


The Birth of the Mystery Child

What would be your reaction if after struggling to keep your virginity for 'Mr. Right', you were told you are - by some mysterious means, going to have a first child which is not your husband's? And if you were that man who got to know your wife got pregnant by someone else before she got to your home, what would you do? Watch “The Birth of the Mystery Child” - as told from a different perspective! It’s time to rethink this famous tale!

The Birth of the Mystery Child, written and directed by Faustina Brew, is scheduled as follows: