About us


The vision of the Department is to become an outstanding centre for the training of Mechanical Technology teachers in the Country and the West African sub-region.



The Mission is to equip students with the necessary academic and professional competencies and skills through the use of innovative techniques to enable them teach effectively in pre-tertiary/tertiary institutions.


To Train Competent Professional Mechanical Technology Education Teachers for all Levels of Education who will be able to:

  • Mechanical-related courses in pre-tertiary institutions, and apply the principles in the school system for teaching and learning and school administration.
  • Demonstrate Workshop practices in schools and Institutions
  • Apply a range of suitable technologies in Mechanical Technology for different endeavours in real life practical situations.
  • Develop competencies in the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in Mechanical Technology Education.
  • Apply basic principles and theories in Mechanical Technology required to solve day to day technical problems.
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills in Mechanical Technology and professional issues to establish their own small and medium scale enterprises or careers.
  • Demonstrate understanding and capability in applying theoretical and practical models in identifying, analysing a problem, designing and constructing an artefact of high quality or standard.