Really managing health care, 2nd edition

Iles, Valerie

Much has been made of the distinction between management and leadership, but in health care this separation is unhelpful. Like the first edition, this completely revised edition of Really Managing Health Care describes a model, real management that brings the two elements together and demonstrates its application in health care settings. Drawing on theory across a wide range of management disciplines and illustrating these with practical examples, Valerie Iles succinctly answers three crucial questions:

  • How can I manage clinical professionals?
  • How can I increase the influence of my service?
  • What changes do I need to introduce to improve the quality of care my service is offering?

Written specifically for people suspicious of management jargon, Really Managing Health Care is designed for service leaders from across health and social care, and introduces ways of approaching the management task which recognize the particular dynamics of this field.

Available at:

  • Osagyefo Library