September 2016

Department of Home Economics Interacts with Students

As part of the annual scheduled activities of the Department of Home Economics, an interactive session has been held for students to help them acclimatize to the 2016/17 academic year. The interaction which was held on 7th September, 2016 at the forecourt of the department building brought together 500 students from both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Counselling Unit


The Counselling Unit provides services to all students as well as workers of the College, and also people outside the University community who call in for assistance. During orientation of freshmen and women, students are made aware of the importance of guidance and counselling, as well as the existence of academic counsellors in the various departments that they could contact when they have academic concerns as well as personal problems.

Theatre Arts


The Department of Theatre Arts, UEW seeks to train and equip students with relevant skills in the fields of Theatre and Dance. It also equip teachers with knowledge and skills to teach theatre related subjects in Ghanaian schools. The Department is also poised to advance the accumulated knowledge and skills in Ghanaian traditional culture and the development of Ghanaian contemporary arts and culture.

Music Education


The mandate of the Department of Music Education is to prepare music teachers for the pre-tertiary levels of education in Ghana. The Department seeks to train and equip students with relevant skills to teach musical arts in Ghanaian schools as well as train general musicians with appropriate skills to pursue the wide range of careers available.

Graphic Design

The Department of Graphic Design provides opportunity for the study of an internationally recognized B. A. level programme in theory and practice of Graphic Design. It provides opportunity for producing a sustained body of creative graphic design work, and to develop appropriate research skills.

Art Education

The Department of Art Education offers a 4-year Bachelor of Art Education. The Department has eight Units: Ceramics, Sculpture, Graphic Design, Picture Making, Basketry, Jewellery, Leatherwork and Textiles. Students who are admitted into the department are equipped with relevant skills and knowledge to enable them teach art effectively and competently in the basic and second cycle institutions in Ghana.